R. Alex Wilson Fine Violins

Serving musicians through craft, expertise, and artistry

404-372-4529 (smart phone)

R. Alex Wilson is a professional maker and restorer of violins, violas, and cellos working with care in Salt Lake City, Utah.



Alex makes violin-family instruments entirely by hand in the classical Cremonese tradition. He currently makes Golden Period Stradivari models, and early period Guarneri del Gesu models. Each instrument is a professionally crafted, unique piece, made to bring out the best tonal and visual qualities of the wood from which it is made. In addition to every detail of the carving and varnish, playability and performance are of the utmost concern. Every instrument Alex makes is prepared with a precisely executed set-up designed to optimize the experience of both the player and the audience. His instruments are available to try at his workshop location, and can also be found at an increasing number of shops around the country.