R. Alex Wilson Fine Violins

Serving musicians through craft, expertise, and artistry

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R. Alex Wilson is a professional maker and restorer of violins, violas, and cellos working with care in Salt Lake City, Utah.



From simple edge closings to complex restorations, Alex has the expertise to return your instrument to its best possible condition. He has extensive experience with the repair and restoration techniques required for violin-family instruments, and stays up to date with current "best practices" and advanced techniques to ensure that your instrument is ethically and effectively cared for the entire time it is in his workshop. Alex participates in the Violin Society of America/Oberlin Restoration Workshop, where he works with expert restorers from across the country to stay informed about the most cutting edge approaches and hone his skills with the most traditional tried and true. If your instrument has sustained an injury of any kind, or if the demands of a rigorous playing schedule are taking their toll, Alex will be glad to evaluate your instrument's condition. He will provide you with a thorough free estimate for the work to be done, and complete the work to the highest level. He provides repair and restoration services directly to individual players, as well as to established shops and other professional members of the violin trade. Feel free to contact Alex to discuss the needs of your instrument, and to schedule an appointment.