R. Alex Wilson Fine Violins

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R. Alex Wilson is a professional maker and restorer of violins, violas, and cellos working with care in Salt Lake City, Utah.



Even the best violins ever made won't perform without a proper set-up. Every component of the set-up must be perfectly fit to each individual instrument, and must be periodically adjusted and replaced as an instrument ages. Alex takes great care with his set-up work to ensure that your instrument performs to its fullest potential. If you have an instrument that is no longer performing like it used to, or has never quite given you what you are looking for, a thorough evaluation and update to your set-up is often the solution. Alex will be glad to evaluate your instrument's current set-up, discuss your performance goals, and hand craft a set-up specifically for the needs of you and your instrument. The bridge, sound post, finger board, nut, tailpiece, tail gut, saddle, end pin, pegs, and strings can all affect how your instrument responds to your playing. Alex carefully considers each component, and gives his fullest attention to every detail.